14 tips for writing content for your website

Most people give more importance in making their websites look aesthetically pleasing leaving aside the fact that the audience is mainly looking for informative content and not how the website looks. Yes, a website which looks fancy and creative can be very appealing to the audience, but if the content doesn’t serve the audience its purpose, then there is absolutely no point in having your website.

With that said, the question arises. ‘How can you write captivating and fascinating content for your website?’ Well, you’re lucky we’ve got you covered. Given below are 14 tips on writing compelling content be it you are a beginner or a professional. These tips will help you get a proper idea of what exactly needs to be done in order to write a thought-provoking content for your website.

  1. Plagiarism
  • Don’t even by mistake write plagiarised content. This can lead to your website being removed. In some cases, there will also be a penalty.
  • Hence, no matter how alluring it is to copy content from other websites, one should always be careful and write unique content.

  1. Break down the content
  • If you have a very lengthy content or want to address the topic detailed, then make sure to write the content in small paragraphs and pointers.
  • This technique will help make your content look very appealing and will definitely attract the audience. Hence, writing in a list format and inserting small paragraphs is a great way to make your content look different and creative.
  • Along with this, this method makes it easy for the viewer to read your content.

  1. Do not write complex content
  • Make sure to make usage of simple and understandable vocabulary as not many people know complicated words.
  • Hence, no matter how tempting it might feel to write in a high vocabulary, it is best to write simple sentences. This way, everybody will be able to read your content without any difficulty in understanding what you’re trying to say.

  1. Try avoiding writing long articles
  • Although long articles can help give detailed information about your specific topic, many people fail to read lengthy articles at they might straight-up seem boring.
  • This is why it is best recommended to write short articles with brief information. But, also keep in mind to not write extremely small articles.

  1. Don’t write the same thing again and again
  • Your audience is here to learn about what your website portrays. Hence, repeating the same information again and again won’t be of any help to the viewer.
  • Hence, try writing different keywords and different topics so that you have completely unique and interesting content.

content for your website

  1. Try keeping a good balance while writing your content
  • This means that you should definitely avoid over-promoting your content. This is a very unattractive method which will drive the customers or audience away.
  • Hence, know the right amount of promoting your content and write an explanatory and decent content.

  1. Know what your customers want
  • Even though you might think that you have a lot of knowledge about your content’s topic, it is very necessary to know what the customers want or are attracted to.
  • Hence, keep their needs in mind and write content that serves the right purpose for your customers.

  1. Copyright
  • Make sure to use images which are your own and not of any other websites. Many websites require asking for permission to use their images.
  • So always try using your own pictures or make sure to ask for the permission as you can get sued.

  1. Be creative
  • If you look at different contents from different websites, you’ll notice that many of them look very similar. Hence, try writing your content in a different style with a lot of creative.
  • This will for sure attract your customers and will make your content outshine the others.


  1. Be convincing
  • If your website is about selling products, then make sure that you sound appealing as your content should serve the purpose of making your customers buy the product.
  • Hence, focus on what your website is about. This way, your content will be brief and on point.

  1. Make your content decorative
  • Although you shouldn’t completely focus on making your content look really good by inserting pictures, borders or pointers. But, a minimal amount of decoration and other such details will make your content look presentable.
  • This is a win-win situation for you as your content will not only serve good information to your customers but will also attract them due to its fancy presentation.

  1. Make use of subheadings
  • Breaking down the passage into different subheadings will make it very easy for the viewers to understand your content.
  • Hence, writing different subheads or making lists and pointers will attract customers.

  1. Write your content in the right order
  • Make sure to write content that is neat and efficient. This will help the readers understand your content much more easily.
  • Along with this, your content will look organized and on point. Hence, divide your content into introduction, description and conclusion.

  1. Proofread your content after finishing it
  • This is the best way of re-checking your content after you finish writing it. Proofreading will help you correct all your grammatical errors or any such mistakes.
  • Hence, always proofread the content after finishing it. You can also use apps such as Grammarly for correcting your grammatical errors.

Hence, one can write outstanding and appealing content for their website if they carefully read the above tips and make use of them. Remember to write a convincing, interesting and fun-loving article. Make sure to add a little humour here and there. Also, remember to use your creativity into making informative content. Plan strategies and techniques to write the right content that will attract the audience.

Important points to remember

  • Be creative.
  • Avoid plagiarizing your article.
  • Divide your content into paragraphs and subheadings.
  • Insert bulletin points and images to make your content look highlighted.
  • Review your content.