Digital Marketing Strategy during COVID 19

With the current situation that has been prevailing in today’s world, companies and businesses are most reliant on digital marketing.  With the lockdowns prevailing in more than 100 countries of the world, the businesses have been shut down completely. The large MNCs and other companies have lost millions due to cancelled events and shows. The companies who are good with technology and are coping with time are clear winners in this situation and are still working in profit. With covid-19 taking over the world at a great speed, the daily wage workers lag to earn money. The small and medium companies need to adapt and have a new digital marketing strategy during covid 19.

This article will help you adopt new marketing strategies during the prevailing situation. Here are some of the best strategies and techniques:


Engage your company in scenario planning

The scenario planning should not only be for the higher-level departments but should also be for the lower level departments. The company must identify all the challenges that the customers and the brand could experience. They should also plan a situation when the events get cancelled. All the alternative ways to make the resources to reach the customers should be identified and implemented.

Identify the customer behavioural changes

Before the coronavirus situations, the customers trusted the government as well as the big brands but not anymore. They have now switched to the local brands and the family brands. Listening to customers and what they think and need is important. Set various suggestion sites and ask for what they actually need in the pandemic times. Developing relationship with the customers is extremely important. Staying honest with them about what you can and cannot deliver to them is another very important thing that you need to be very clear about to them.

Adapt new marketing plans

There are some particular areas that you should focus on while adapting to new market plans

Delivering engaging content: the content that you provide to your costumers should be engaging. You must cut the large events where it would require a large number of people gathering. Since most of the people will be sitting home and operating through their homes, your content must engage them.

Secure your position in the media early: you must remember that you are not the only one who will get all these ideas. There are several other companies that will try to engage the same customers and secure the top position in media. You need to work and engage the media early to secure that position.

Marketing Strategy during covid 19


You need to keep an eye on your analytics every now and then. It will help you stay aware of the number of visitors coming to your site, pages they are visiting, the time they spend on each page and where they came from. The data will help you make your strategies and find out if those strategies are working for you.

There are three specific questions that you need to ask yourself. Are you able to deliver what the customers need? Are the customers searching for your site frequently? Are they ordering or seeking out your services? If the answer is yes to all these questions then you are going on the right track and you should stick to your digital marketing strategies.

SEO and content

SEO optimizing your site will help you increase the traffic to your website. The content you create should be relevant to the service or product you provide and as well as be optimized for the keywords you want to target. On-page and off-page optimization are necessary to get the most visitors to your website. Regular posting of content like blog posts, case studies among other has shown to improve the no of visitors to a website. You can reach out to content creation agencies to get optimized content if you are unable to write them yourself.

The landing page

The customers who have just discovered your site might want to know about the brand and the quality of brand. For that purpose, you need to build up the landing page very carefully and attractively. It should make the customers fall in love with your site and hence sign up for your service/product. Notify them about the upcoming discounts and benefits to them from your service. The landing page will make your business approachable as well as customer friendly.

Shopper’s cart

It may happen several times that some customers liked your product and added it to the cart but later on, did not purchase it. There can be several reasons for it. They might have found a better deal and giving up on the deal would be equal to leaving the money on the table. You need to send emails to all the people who have left or abandoned their shopping carts without proceeding. Remind them of the products that caught their eye and send them some more similar products that they might like.

Back in stock notifications

Just like the above-mentioned point, you need to send out several emails for this too. When a customer searches for something specific in your site and finds it out of stock, he or she should immediately see a button called “notify me when in stock”. You need to notify them that their favourite product is now back in stock and ready to be theirs.

All these are some of the best techniques and marketing strategies during covid 19 that you must apply in the current situation as well as in the future of your company. Increase your traffic and double your profits just by these simple and easy techniques. These small changes once made an impact on your business can last for a really long period of time. Corona or no corona, these must be followed and applied efficiently. All the best and happy selling.

Stay Safe. Stay Home.


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