Does updating your existing content help get more exposure?

All things on the internet run based on one thing- content. Content is information and information- is knowledge. The mass generation of content occurs daily and regularly on the World Wide Web. The better your content, the higher you rank among search engines. They, in turn, increase your chances of being discovered and shared.

However, producing content that is fresh and different regularly can be exhausting, and as a content creator- you can’t afford to run out of your creative battery! So, what can you do to save yourself some strain and the threat of losing your ranking/exposure? 

Update old content.

This might sound a little painful- to go back to your already existing content and redo it altogether. However, with this process, you can place your old and new content on the same vantage points and receive an outcome that is greater than your input. This process saves your time and energy, while also contributing to your growth in ranks.

So yeah, updating content = exposure.

Why you should update old content?

You can always remove older content that is no longer relevant, but these scraps might be worth more than you think. While keeping stagnant content around doesn’t do much for your blog or your SEO ranking, updating older content brings in a refreshing take to things. Here’s why:


Often, we write about things that are viable to change. Everything- from “how-to” s to International news differs over time. If you still want to be branded as being resourceful and efficient, you better start editing your articles to fit the likes of the current situation. A before vs. after situation simply prevents out-dated content from being applicable anymore, because the information loses its accuracy

Besides, old and inaccurate content is a parameter for Google to reduce your exposure and SEO Ranking. 

Putting out new content is exhausting

Coming up with fresh ideas regularly is tiring work. Updating old content is a prime example of how you can get more out of less. By working on older content- all you need to do is manipulate the information to fit the current scenario and opinions. Also, you get the same exposure based on a post that already exists. You don’t need to blow a ton of energy on creating something completely new.


You’ll find that online content, in fact, does not age like fine wine. With its quality and traffic deteriorating, it’s never a bad idea to refurbish and republish. This increases the chances of more people discovering it. Besides, you can publicize it and promote it through social media and e-mail alerts.

People who missed it the first time around may now discover it and share it. Thus, even taking a small step such as editing and updating is enough to reap big.

Making sure everything works

Updating content also allows for re-checking to see if all your links and images still work. You may come across a link that has expired, or images that are not quite the quality considered “attractive” anymore. Thus, updating content really helps you remodel your articles into more fitting standards.

Make sure your information is still relevant

Does your information still resonate with the crowd? Is that VolkswagonTouragen you talked about even around anymore? Updating content helps you check if your content is still as “valid” as it was when you wrote it. Check for out-dated information and slang and edit them to better the performance of your content.

Content, therefore, does not only come with “creation”, but also “marketing”, and if you do that right, you just might end up with the better ranking, higher traffic, shares. By the day, more and more people might discover and grow to like you.