Guide to Killer Content Writing for Real Estate

The main aim of every successful content marketing for real estate businesses is to drive maximum leads to their site.

Content writing for real estate is beneficial in many ways. It can help in increasing the conversion rate which means you are getting more clients for your business. This is why more and more real estate agents are slowly inclining towards the need for real estate content.

For the records, the conversion rates are expected to increase up to 6x for content marketing adopters. Nowadays, almost every property buyer goes to online platforms looking for homes and properties. In such a situation, it is very important for you to have an online presence so that you can reach maximum customers for your business. If you are able to provide them with what they are looking for then you can get their business.

Real Estate Content Writing - Reasons to Write Captivating Content

Content writing for real estate websites is not an easy task. It requires expertise and writing skills to curate engaging content for your audience.

If you are unable to handle it on your own then you can take the help of SEO content writing services.


Content creation goals

It is clear that your main goal is to grow your business. By growing your business it means:

  • Gathering more leads
  • Converting more leads to clients
  • Getting more deals
  • Building a good relationship with your existing customers to get more work
  • Beating your competitors

Before you start writing real estate blogs for your business website make sure that your content can make all of these happen. You need to create content that will meet the needs of your customers and get them interested to take things forward.

How to write great content for your real estate business?

The main purpose of real estate content writing is to get more customers and convert them into your leads. However, it is easier said than done. While writing content for your real estate business you need to keep certain important things in mind.

  1. Write about your customers

What better way to attract your customers than writing about a successful deal that you recently closed. You can write about the experience of your current customers. Choose the deal that you recently closed and describe all the details from start to end. One important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t forget to mention the challenges you faced while making the deal happen.

  1. About the industry

Apart from your customers, you can also write about the real estate industry. Search for interesting surveys, statistics, and studies that you can write about. You should be able to educate your audience with your real estate writings. Provide them valuable information about the market. When a potential customer comes across these blogs they will be able to learn more about the industry before buying a property.

  1. Provide information on your niche

If you get more specific about your market then it will become easier for you to target the content of your market. For example, if you deal with pet-friendly rentals then you should write more about vacation rentals and pets. This will help your customers to understand what to expect from you or whether you will be able to meet their needs or not.

  1. How to for buyers

Not everyone is a born expert in buying properties. Being a real estate agent you should explain the entire process to your audience in details. Client’s usually found this type of information more valuable than other topics. For a client who is buying a property for the first time can find such real estate blogs really helpful.

  1. Questions your customers ask you

You can make a list of questions that are often asked by your customers. After listing them down you can answer each of them in details so that they can make good use of the information provided by you. Not just that but it will also make the property buying process easier for them.

  1. Promote yourself

You are writing these real estate blogs with the hope of getting more customers and therefore, self-promoting yourself is completely fine. Tell them about your services and the special offers you provide. Also, don’t forget to mention the special properties that you may have in your inventory.

Content Writing for Real Estate Website Marketing

Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some do’s and don’ts for you to follow.


  1. Provide archives

This will allow your visitors to browse through some of the old content that has been removed from the first page of your website.

  1. Allow subscriptions

Content writing for real estate is aimed at bringing interested people back to your site every time you have a new property listing. You should allow your users to subscribe to your site. This will save them from the trouble of typing your URL every time they want to visit your site.

  1. Create categories

Make sure that your categories your posts correctly on your site. This helps users to find the content that they are looking for or the ones that meet their interests.

  1. Include promotion of your business

As already mentioned above, content writing for real estate websites focuses on informing people about properties listed therefore, you shouldn’t forget to promote your own business. No matter how good your content is, it is of no use if your users are not able to connect it with your brand.

  1. Provide links to your social media profiles

By providing your social media links, you are inviting your audience to join you on social media as well. The more people like your page, the more people you will be able to reach. In addition, you will also get the chance to interact with your customers on multiple channels. This also makes it easier for them to share your content when they like it.


  1. Don’t post filler content

This is more applicable at the beginning of your content strategy. When you don’t have enough content to cover doesn’t mean that you will pump your site with hot air. Posting such content will make you lose your clients.

  1. Don’t use outside advertising

You should not allow other ad companies to advertise on your site. This may help you to earn some revenue but it is not beneficial for the long run. You don’t have any control over the type of ads that will be posted to your site. If your audience finds these ads to be annoying they will simply not come back to your site anymore. Content writing for real estate is meant to inform people about your properties and ads might show them competitor properties.

  1. Don’t write novels

Writing content doesn’t mean that you will write long posts. You need to keep it short and informative. No one like to read ten paragraph-long content. Lengthy content usually shoo away your customers as no one would want to waste so much of time reading the content.

  1. Don’t do excessive promotions

Promoting yourself is needed but you need to make sure that you don’t over-promote yourself. This may annoy your customers.

Content writing for real estate websites can do wonders. Just like every other business, you can reap the benefit of good content even in your real estate industry.