How can local businesses drive traffic with social media

Online marketing is a tricky thing to accomplish, especially for a local business who wants to drive traffic to its website. Through the help of online listings, local businesses have found a great way to land a good place in search results. Still traditional searches may be a good point to start with even if they are not the only useful ones to drive traffic for your local business.

Social media have been in the open for a long time now, but it wasn’t until recently that social media experts have discovered a new way of helping local businesses in their quest for good traffic. In this article, you will pick some useful ideas as to how local businesses drive traffic using social media.

You can never go wrong with Google+

Google+ is the ultimate social media platform to utilize, not only because it has recently gained more and more active users monthly, but because it is a great platform to strengthen your SEO value. Come to think of it, Google is by far the most popular search engine used by billions of people worldwide, but you can narrow down your followers by putting them in different communities. Signing up for Google+ will secure a good SEO value to your business. There is a good chance that you will get high rankings in the search results, seeing as Google+ is backed by Google itself.

You can even sync your local business page to your Google+ to monitor and control them easily. Plus, you can easily share them with your local communities.

Make social media your stage

Millions of people are active online because of their social media accounts. This is a great opportunity for you to take advantage; make use of these platforms to get people from your area to notice your local business. Through social media, it is way easier to show people some interesting facts about your business, catch their attention with interesting posts, tweets, and high-quality photos. Lastly, maintain their interest by consistently updating your posts and giving them something to look forward weekly, monthly, etc.

Social media is your stage wherein you show off what you’ve got, catch customers’ attention, and maintain their interest.

How can local businesses drive traffic with social media

You can ask your friends to share your posts more than once

In order to drive traffic, you need to establish a good presence online. Social media is the ultimate outlet to do that. It is easy, fast, and the best part is, it’s free! You can actually ask your friends, followers, and subscribers to share your posts more than once in their various accounts. Studies show that people will likely share posts that they can personally relate or in this case, share a local business post. The only downside in doing this is to be categorized as spam, but this should not discourage you though. Just be careful in planning when and who to ask. You do not want your posts to annoy and irritate potential clients by sharing them in a large batch.

Social media accounts can be synced with Google

Every single account you’ve got counts for as long as you sync them with your Google account. Once you synced them to Google, every like, share, mention, comment, and other activities that you and your friends do on all these platforms will be credited by Google as an added SEO value to your local business. This is possibly through filling in the details in your local listings to make sure Google got the exact information of your business. This means that you have a great shot of generating more leads to your local business.