How can Local SEO Help a Business to Boost Sales

Have you ever wondered why you have low conversion rate and more bounce rate even if you rank high in organic searches? This is probably because you are collecting the wrong leads to your websites by using incorrect local SEO.

When Google launched their ‘Google My Business’, they basically asked companies to update and input specific details on their business website. In line with this is the need for continuous re-evaluation and re-assessment of SEO strategies to maximize the new Google feature.


Local SEO and Local Ranking

Local SEO is utilized by many businesses, especially the ones with local franchise. It helps in ranking high in both organic and local search results page. It is not only helpful in getting high rankings, but it is also a good strategy to collect more leads that have a higher potential to become customers.

When it comes to Google search results, you have to bear in mind these three elements to help you with the local ranking. Think of relevance, distance, and prominence.


It refers to how well your local listings match what the user is looking for. Updating location’s NAP (name, address, phone number) is a big influence in this department. The specific information in your listings will help Google understand your business more and put it in the top spots of search results.


The location of your business in online directories like Google map and other data providers will also be used to determine perfect matches. Google will use the user’s physical location to determine the best possible matches of his searches.


It refers to how popular and well-known is your business online. This is why consistent online presence is necessary for you business. The more exposure you have, the more chances you have of being known in the online world.

How can Local SEO Help a Business to Boost Sales

How Local SEO Boost Your Sales

By building local listing pages on top search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing), you can ensure that your target market will have more chances of finding your website.

For instance, A person from Miami in need of car repair searches for the top ‘car shops’ in Miami. Your local website will have a bigger chance of getting more matches if you include ‘Miami’ as your keyword. Aside from using the city or state name in your keywords, you can also use area code in contact details, as well as zip code and local email address.

Having real and regular interactions with your local customers will help create positive feedback and reviews for your website. Testimonies and local reviews from them could also be used as promotional devices to attract more prospect clients. Positive and helpful reviews form customers  have a direct influence on your local rankings.

Another must-do in local SEO is to make sure you have the same and exact local listing details in all online directories. Google will credit your business accordingly for every number of leads and visits your website has in all data providers.