How is conversion optimization necessary for your website?

You’ve heard about the friend-zone, the sister-zone, even the bro-zone. Now, get ready for the visitor-zone! If you’re wondering what that is, let me elaborate with the help of an example.

Let’s say you own a Vocal Training business. People click onto the link for your website every day. Here’s what they’re thinking as they scope your site out: Okay, hm. singing tips for beginners. Nice. Is it free though? “Unlock your full singing potential in 30 days”, Interesting. But what exactly am I learning here? Sign up for a free trial? Yeah, never mind.

I’m going back to Google.

How is conversion optimization necessary for your website? 5Right there, buddy. You just lost a potential customer. Your could-be buyer just visitor-zoned themselves and it’s not them, it’s you. Don’t worry, though, this problem can be fixed.

If you really want to win this game, it’s time for conversion optimisation to come into play!

Three words are key to a successfully running business. No, I’m not talking about “Sale! 10% Off!”.  While that certainly works, what I mean is this: Visitors turning buyers.

This is made possible through a little something called Conversion Optimisation. It’s a process by which you optimise your website to derive maximum profit from the already existing traffic on your website. This is usually done by changing and moving around things in your website so that it appears more appealing and trust-worthy. While some may achieve this by simply changing their colour scheme, others may need to shift into a fresh layout altogether.

Think about it, you don’t want your website to say take it or leave it. No, you want your products to scream “buying me is the best decision you’ll ever make!!”

Instead of adding products, employing SEO services or advertising more to drive people to come and check out your website, you’re being smart by making the best of what, or who is already there and convincing them to buy your products.

For instance, let’s suppose a 100 people visit your website every day. Out of 100, 30 people purchase your singing program every day, and you want to increase this number. Through conversion optimisation, you change your layout, format, text, font, words, or various elements of your website accordingly to make it more appealing. After doing so, the number of people who buy your product goes up to 40 per 100 people. You’re making more money out of the same number of people. Congratulations, you just conversion-optimised!

Conversion optimisation is calculated through something called the conversion optimisation rate. The more your conversion optimisation rate, the more you benefit.

How is conversion optimization necessary for your website? 6The real question arises: How do you increase your conversion optimisation rate? How do you go about this process? Some basic steps formulate the core of this conversion optimisation voodoo. By following them judiciously, you will find your company making swimming to a big fish status quo. These steps would be to: discover your goals, evaluate stats, form a hypothesis, perform tests, conversion optimisation.  

Discover your goals

Setting a goal would mean, to discover an aspect of your business that you want to drive more crowd to. This could be range from convincing more people to sign up for free trials, to selling more of a product.

Evaluate and Analyse

Keep these goals in mind as you move on to research and evaluation. You can start by looking at and observing others who’ve tried to achieve the same goals. What worked for them? Will the same factors apply to you?

 You can also study consumer psychology and behaviour through surveys, questionnaires and stats.


After gathering all the Intel, it is time for you to design a hypothesis. This hypothesis usually involves making changes to your website- these changes can mean anything from sentence structure to the positioning of images, buttons, etc.


Following this, you test and record results. Are people responding positively to your changed platform as compared to before? If favourable, you will usually reap profits and will have successfully carried out conversion optimisation.

As you can see, conversion optimisation is a low-cost project that yields more to help propel your goals further. With this process, you invest less and gain more. You can face huge advantages and huge growth by inculcating this process into your digital marketing schemes.