The best advertising platforms and should you be using them

In this era of 21st century where most of the people spend their time on their smartphones, engaging in online promotions or digital marketing can prove to be very fruitful. Instead, this is one great opportunity for the companies to market their products, develop the consumer’s trust and uplift their brand’s reputation. But, in such cases, the question always arises as what types of ads can one deliver?

The best advertising platforms and should you be using them 5The answer to this question is pretty simple. One can find a wide range of ads types. Out of them, tmosthe  popular ones are the

  1. i) Facebook ads
  2. ii) Google search ads

iii) Mobile in-app ads

  1. iv) Instagram ads, etc.

Every ad of the company can be delivered via these by using a mobile ad platform. This is also often known as the mobile ad network. Out of every choice, the most important choices are Facebook ads and the Google Search ads. Actually, every mobile ad platform works as a broker. They act as an intermediate between the advertisers and the publishers. These advertisers are those who have been looking for popular apps to advertise their real estates.

Therefore, in this article, you will come more closely as to how these mobile ad platforms work. You will also come to know about the top ones and how each of them is so similar but yet different.

They are:

  1. i) Google Ads:

Google ads provide the facility to show the ads on both mobile devices and desktop. While using the feature of display ads, one may use “device targeting” feature to target the device on which they are interested to advertise. It can be either a smartphone, laptops, tablets, etc. Google ads provide the facility to create and publish ads with apps. Not only apps, but you can also publish your ads within Google search results and browsers as well.

The types of ads that one can use on his tablet or smartphone are:

  • Image and text ads.
  • Video and image app promotion ads.
  • One may use True View Ads for promoting the app related campaigns.

The main fact that differentiates Google Ads is because of its top access. Google ads can easily access the top-notch search engine. This enables the advertisers to showcase their brand in front of the largest crowd.

  1. The best advertising platforms and should you be using them 6ii) Instagram/Facebook Ads:

This variant of mobile ad platform is pretty useful mainly because of its large user base. That is the reason behind the launch of Audience Network which is considered to be one of the easy-to-use mobile ad platforms. Facebook is basically well-known for its several tools that are focused on implementing various advertising targeting options. They also give their users the opportunity to choose from a list of ad types which are basically:

  • Rewarded video ads
  • In-stream video ads
  • Banner ads
  • Interstitial ads (i.e full-screen ads)
  • Native ads, etc.

Instagram is also considered to be one of the best options for advertisers. This is mainly because of its being a mobile-first platform. The app mostly engages a mobile audience. But, it is to be noted that both the Instagram and Facebook ads are managed via Facebook’s ad platform.

iii) Bing Ads:

Though Bing has a comparatively smaller market share than the former search engine i.e Google, yet one’s advertising budget can be distributed uniformly amidst the crowd as Bing holds the second place in the ranking of search engines. It has been estimated that for Bing Ads one has to pay 70% less as compared to Google ads. Every month, the search engine Bing also receives a total of 5 billion searches which is pretty tremendous for the price paid for it.

Also, the lower costs are not only the reason as to why Bing is so popular among the advertisers. Advertisers can also control the scheduling, location and language of their campaigns. In order to drive maximum traffic to different social media accounts, one may also use the “Social Extensions App” feature. Also, over the years, the search engine has developed a lot of valuable partnerships. By opting for Bing, users also get the opportunity to use this feature.

Therefore, these are some of the mobile ad platforms which are very popular among the advertisers.