What are the different types of content writing?

Nowadays, choosing the right career can be a pretty difficult task to accomplish. This hunt goes on for years until you come to a conclusion as what inspires you the most. So, if you possess a knack of putting down your thoughts into words, then the job of a content writer can be the best for you. For this, you must possess a great understanding of the job’s domain and should be well aware of its various aspects. Also, you should have some idea about the types of content writing being widely used. These pieces of information come very handy while dealing with your job’s responsibilities and in turn will assist you in improvising your writing skills.

So, the different types of content writing are:


1) Technical Writing

This type of writing involves developing content for technical literature, admin and technical modules, user documents etc. An individual who is involved in technical writing must possess sufficient knowledge in hardware, biotechnology, robotics, electronics etc. For this domain, a basic and simple understanding of technologies is enough, though the procedure of application may vary. Candidates from other fields can also apply for this job, but generally, those candidates are given preference who have pursued specialization in some technical field. So, if technology fascinates you and you are always excited to know more about it, then this can be an interesting profession for you.

types of content writing: Communication and Marketing writing

2) Communication and Marketing writing

This type of writing is one of the most challenging tasks. Writing for the marketing and communication department of a company requires a lot of skills and efforts. The type of write-ups in which you must indulge yourself are newsletters, blogs, e-books, articles etc. You will also be asked to write on marketing collaterals like brochures or flyers. This type of writing is a lot different than SEO writing. Here, the main motive is not only to draw a large chunk of the audience but also includes moulding their mindset in such a way that they finally agree to take desired actions. It is all about making things happen via content.

For this type of job, a lot of skills are required. The trend of the customers’ needs must be followed carefully. Also, the writers must be in regular touch with the company’s team members and should be aware of every change occurring in trend.

Content marketing is very tricky and extremely descriptive in nature. The main idea behind it is to advertise a product and finally sell it in the market. So, it becomes very necessary to develop such contents which involve simple language and gets related to the consumers easily.

So, if you want to pursue your career in this domain, then you must have a knack of writing in forms which can create interest and attract the minds of people.

3) Editorial writing or Publication based writing

This field basically involves writing books for colleges, schools, competitive examinations or for any kind of higher education. The curriculum of the school or college must be kept in mind while writing such content. Nowadays, e-books and online pdf of books are very popular. For this, content writers are required to do the writing as well as editing on the computer itself. It also becomes necessary to update their pieces of content regularly in order to help their readers avail the latest version of the book.

4) SEO content writing

In this type of content writing, the team indulges itself in writing descriptions, blogs and articles. The contents are developed in such a way that relevant keywords are included in it. The SEO professionals engage themselves in searching out the important keywords before the writers can indulge themselves in writing about the given topic. Also, the topic for SEO writing varies from time to time. Sometimes, it can include writing about tourist destinations, maintenance of motorcycles or about other services prevalent in the country.

The main task of the SEO writers is that they must involve themselves in informative, unique and plagiarism-free writing. Grammatical mistakes must be avoided and the language used must be simple and precise. Usually, the content is divided into a main title which is again divided into subheadings. The format of writing must be in paragraphs with proper bulleting of information. Also, it is extremely necessary for the SEO content writers to deliver their work before the deadline. This makes it easier for the SEO professionals to work on them.

Report and Research Writing

5) Report and Research Writing

There are several agencies which hire people on the basis of their writing on certain reports and research papers. This type of writing is usually long and is of high quality. Writers writing on such topics must make sure that they include current events in their content and convey its effects to the people. So, if you are interested to join as a report content writer, then deadlines, subject of the reports must be dealt with carefully.

6) Writing on CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility

Under this category of writing, individuals are required to write communicative articles. This can be done in the form of blogs, articles, reports etc. Actually, the CSR department of every company deals with social causes and inspires its employees to get engaged in them. The writing for this category should be such that it can communicate the problems well and also motivate the employees to participate.

7) Press Release Writing

This category of writing generally includes writing about the updates and advancements that are taking place in a company or industry. Generally, the press releases are useful for making announcements. Whenever any company signs new mergers, expands its business or launches new products in the market, press release is done in order to announce every action of the company. But nowadays, this concept has got a little changed. The press releases are now more focused in writing about the marketing and sales initiatives of the company. Therefore, in order to excel yourself as a press release content writer, you must be aware of every progress taking place in the context of marketing.