How Can Small Event Management Companies Attract Audiences?

Event management companies make the basis of, well, events.

You want to organize a company inauguration, a workshop, even a heist? Your solution is to go to an event management company (although the last one might be a slight exaggeration).  Event management companies, from the smallest numbers to the hotshots can help you organize and host various events that may be special to your company. Ceremonies, celebrations, product launches, conferences- you name it, a management company will handle it. Event organizers strive to give you the grand opening you deserve to show off your own company through these lavish functions. They cater to both the aesthetic and needs of your company to show the world exactly what your purpose is.

event managementNow, while event businesses strive to promote their clients, they also need to promote themselves to new clients regularly. This is because the event management business field is one of many challenges. If you want to stay afloat and be number one, it’s time to buck up and take some serious steps to attract audiences.

Here are a few measures you can adopt to market your event planning business to future clients and audiences:

A Well-designed Website

So you have an event management business and a plan. Here’s a secret, though: all plans work on a foundation. What better foundation for an event management company other than a well-designed website?

A website lays down all the ground info about your organization to your audience on the internet. If orange is the new black, websites are the new flack. The age of digitalization has prompted many, far and wide, to use the internet to search for things. So what good is your organization if a search regarding your services doesn’t show your business in the results? Without a good website, you’re denying your clients an opportunity to get to know you, and consequently failing to promote yourself.

Websites not only market well but are cheap and easy to manage. You’ll find lots of templates online to back up your website’s look. With so many free services available, websites are no-brainers that yield results.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationOkay, now you have a website- which is good. What would make this process better is if your website got noticed. People need to find you online to be able to check your organization out. If you’re buried under many other event businesses- you’re probably doing something wrong.

Something = Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is what drives traffic to your website and helps you gain recognition. Through SEO, you can improve your organic search engine rankings, and this in turn increases the chances of your website being visited or clicked on.

Many tools like Google AdWords, Bing Advertising are available to help you start your SEO campaigns.

Google My Business Listing

This is another free tool that can help your business spread its online presence and influence over Google- the most popular search engine of all time.

 Google My Business Listing acts as both an online directory (by letting owners create and own their business listing, which is supplemented with information about the company- like it’s location, working hours, etc.) as well as a social media platform where businesses can post about themselves to help their potential customers understand them better.

With Google My Business Listing, your company will automatically show up in Google Search as well as Google Maps- showing your audience that you are completely authentic and credible!

Using the insight tool, you can gather information about how your audience reacts to you.

Posting on Social Media Pages

Search Engine OptimizationYou can very well stick to conventional methods of marketing and reap good results, But competition is rampant, and if you want to catch up to other businesses like you, you have to hit where it clangs the loudest- Social media.

The majority of the population in the world spend the majority of their time on social media. People strive to express and appreciate it when you’re not shy. So, the easiest way to gain customers is to resonate with them in their safe spaces- their social media platforms. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat let you post regularly and show the world what you’re all about- for free!

Set up your social media profile to promote your company exclusively. With regular and fresh posts, you can start to drive people to your profile, convince them into a good opinion about your company, and turn them into a potential customer! In this way, you can increase engagement on apps like Instagram and consequently, increase your social reach.

Online Ads (FB, Instagram)

fb adsAs mentioned above, millions are active on sites like Facebook and Instagram every day. Apart from regular posting, another way to scour for potential customers is through online ads. You can use ads to get through to a large number of people. Ads are shown to users based on the criteria you choose for your audience. Among the millions who view your content, there’s likely a good amount of people who will be interested as well.

Once you put out an ad, you can also track the public engagement, cost-per-click ratio and so on. This way, you know what the public favors and can act on it to increase your exposure.

Frequent Instagram, FB and WhatsApp stories 

Posts and ads are efficient, but there’s been an up and coming wave of advertising among social media that’s affecting businesses- stories. Popular platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook have started to include the feature of “stories” where one can share something with the world for 24 hours instead of posting it indefinitely.

This is a quick yet flashy way to capture people’s attention and build a brand name for yourself. People can view your stories and share them with friends and family. Manage your posts and stories smartly by generating fresh and trendy content that people can relate to. This will get them interested in your business.

As an event management company- you are one of many. Thus, marketing yourself can be hard. However, by using the techniques listed consistently and efficiently, you’re bound to conquer your way up the food chain.