Is your homepage design affecting your Google ranking?

In recent times there has been immense development in the field of technology which has given science and engineering the perfect opportunity to grow in almost every field. Due to the growing technology we are now blessed with the internet and are completely driven by it. It is not only helpful in making our lives easier and much more convenient but is also serving as a great platform for expanding businesses.

Nowadays almost every other businessperson is moving their company online, creating their own website, online helplines, and other related facilities. The growing accessibility of the internet all around the world is one of the major reasons for this shift of business to the online market.

One of the most important factors while planning to move your business online includes developing a smart effective and informative web page or the homepage for the company’s website. Another key factor that helps your business to grow lies in maintaining the Google ranking for your company. So, is your homepage design affecting your Google ranking? Let us first understand how all of it works.


What is web designing?

Is your homepage design affecting your Google ranking? 1It is a simple term that includes many different skills, knowledge, and discipline that is required to successfully hold the production as well as the maintenance of a website. Some of the areas that are covered under web designing are:

  • Web graphics designing
  • Interface design
  • Authoring which mainly includes standardized codes and proprietary software
  • Search engine optimization that is popularly called SEO
  • Includes user experience design.

It is often seen how many if not all online companies are benefited by using the right web designing tactics and constantly upgrading their website with the right elements. Web designing may not bring immense popularity of the website instantly but over time it sure brings a positive outcome leading to the growth of the business.

How does web design affect the growth of the business?

It is often emphasized by leading website owners that maintaining homepage design is very important for the success of the website and also how a home page is the most important page on a website, that can boost your Google rankings and in turn bring popularity to your company.

Planning to shift your business online seems easy but the process involves a proper analysis of the business on the web as well as you need to take care of the smallest of the details. Even doing business online is difficult due to the growing competition. When one wants to highlight their online presence, there are several different things that demand your attention and should be taken into consideration.

It is rightly said that the design of the website holds the power to break or make the business that you opt to deliver. Hiring a professional web designer is always a better option, but if one needs, web designing can be done by programmers as well. Some of the features that one should keep in mind while designing a website is:

  • Navigation: there are usually multiple pages on a website, which brings in the need for a well-labeled navigation bar or menu that can guide the person in a better way.
  • Brand uniformity: a brand logo is what differentiates your business from others, which makes it very important for the target audience to recognise your mark. It is important that all the components of your brand logo are incorporated into web designing.
  • Content and other visual elements
  • Engagement
  • Proper organization and SEO

How Google ranking is important for the growth of the business?

Is your homepage design affecting your Google ranking? 2Google ranking can have a tremendous effect on the popularity of your business. As the largest search engine in the world, Google aims at organising all the information and make it accessible universally.

Google ranking refers to the rank that your website is listed when a user searches a phrase similar to your content. There are many factors that decide your Google ranking including web loading duration, content, user-friendliness and one of the major factors is homepage design.

A homepage includes all the necessary details about the company and business that they are trying to sell. It is a major factor that decides the functioning of your website, therefore improving the homepage design can not only attract more traffic but can also greatly improve your google ranking.