Citations for local SEO

Importance of citations for local SEO

Building citations for local SEO has always been an effective weapon when it comes to driving traffic towards your storefront by using the power of the local SEO. If you have a consistent and accurate local citation, then it will convince Google regarding the business authenticity and your business will rank higher in the search […]

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The ultimate seo checklist 2019

The Ultimate SEO Checklist 2019

    Contents0.0.1 Share this SEO Checklist On Your Site. Copy the code below!0.1 Download the pdf version here0.2 An overview of SEO checklist0.3 ON PAGE SEO CHECKLIST0.3.0.1 1. Create a unique domain name0.3.0.2 2. Keep Domain and all URLs as either www or non-www0.3.0.3 3. Optimizing logo size and the logo file name0.3.0.4 4. […]

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How can Local SEO Help a Business to Boost Sales 3

How can Local SEO Help a Business to Boost Sales

Have you ever wondered why you have low conversion rate and more bounce rate even if you rank high in organic searches? This is probably because you are collecting the wrong leads to your websites by using incorrect SEO. When Google launched their ‘Google My Business’, they basically ask companies to update and input specific […]

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