What Is Corporate Storytelling? Best Corporate Storytelling Examples

Whether it is your life or your workplace, people need a leader who can bring visionary changes in your life. With corporate storytelling, it is really possible to create a strong connection between the leaders and the community. It is the capability of telling stories in the corporate field that will make people fall in love with your brand and become your customer.

People always like to listen to stories. You love to listen to a variety of stories that create strong impacts on your life. Stories give you a chance to think about the incidents from different points of views, and then you shape your opinion. In the corporate field, storytelling has a great significance as it tells you about the product so that you get interested in it.

The leading brands know it very well how corporate storytelling can help them to build a strong customer base and also increase their target consumer to some great extent. So, today, you will get to know about this amazing genre of business storytelling, which is an integral part of brands and business.

What Is Corporate Storytelling


What Is Corporate Storytelling?

Stories have always been one of the major sources of entertainment in our society. There is no better way to educate people while entertaining them than stories. Those can keep people engaged for hours, even when the story ends itself. If you follow history, you will see how stories have united people and brought revolution every time. Now, the business world has understood the power of stories and they have come up with a brand story which is one of the revolutionary parts of storytelling marketing strategies.

How storytelling for brands is different than usual storytelling? Actually, there is no difference in the basic storytelling style, but the only difference is that corporate storytelling is used to promote a brand or product. Usually, stories come in the forms of text, but nowadays, the videos are also getting too much popular, especially when it comes to SEO. Therefore, the companies are relying more on the videos as the medium of business storytelling nowadays.

What Are the Important Aspects of Corporate Storytelling?

The art of storytelling is something that everyone doesn’t have. It is not about stating facts and figures, but delivering the ideas of an incident that makes people curious and they get enough opportunities to think about those. Incorporate storytelling, the same formula is followed. A perfect business story must have the following attributes-

  1. There Must Be a ‘Hero’

Do you remember how much you liked listening to fairy tales? There was always a hero who rescues the damsels in distress. Likewise, business stories must have the main protagonist, which can overcome any obstacles on the way. At the end of the story, people prefer to connect themselves with the protagonist and if they can’t do so, they will lose interest. Therefore, many companies or brands prefer to show the consumers as their protagonist who crosses all the obstacles to use the product or the brand.

  1. The Main Plot Can Help

Stories won’t be woven around without the main plot. There can be subplots, but the theme of the story should be one. Now, when it comes to business storytelling, it is very important that the business houses must have a strong plot to mesmerize the consumers till the end. Today, with catchy advertising, it is really difficult to grab people’s attention for a long time through a story. That’s why the plot should be attractive enough to involve the readers emotionally with the story.

  1. Stories Must Have Twists

Like any other stories, business stories must have the drama and twist to keep the readers engaged. If people don’t get emotionally attached to the story, they won’t get interested in it.

  1. There Must be a Message

This is the final and the most important thing that your story must-have. You should weave your story around what your product or brand is able to deliver. There must be authenticity in your message. If people find out that you can’t deliver as you described in your story, they won’t get interested in it. Besides this, the story has to be simple. If the readers have to bang their head to find out the meaning of it, they won’t find it interesting. So, make sure your business story comes with a simple solution and messages.

So, these are the basic attributes that every successful business story must-have. With these essential elements, a corporate story can bring absolute success for the business.

Types of Business Stories You Can Find in the Business Arena

Now, you know the importance of business stories in the trading field. If you are an entrepreneur and want to reach the height that you have always dreamt of, it is the high time you learn the tactics of different storytelling so that you can use it as one of your marketing strategies and establish your brand successfully.

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Here are the three types of stories that every entrepreneur should learn now-

  1. The Vision Story

When you start, there is nothing you have but ideas. You have to weave the dream around those ideas and let those spread among the other people who will help you to take your business to the next level. Once you are in the field of business, you need to take your story to those who will join hands in hands and help to establish yourself as successful entrepreneurs.

So, you need to establish your vision for the buyers, investors, vendors, talent, and partners. You need to tell your vision story again and again so that they believe you. You should remember that establishing a new idea is really difficult. So, you can use metaphor to create a live impact on the targeted people. But, make sure your stories are short and crisp and messages are clear.

  1. The Sales Story

Business is like a war. You can’t win on the battlefield without the help of your troop. And in the field of business, your buyers, investors, target consumers, etc. are your troop. Now, when you are new in the field, it will be hard to make people do business with you. After all, why should they take a risk with some newbie? Here comes the sale story to help you. The sales story must contain a description of why your product or brand is unique. The first sale is too difficult, but maintaining the consistency in the market is also not simple. So, you should spend some time crafting your sales story and then appear with confident.

  1. The Team Story

As we have already stated that you can’t do business alone. While the investors will invest in your business, they will want to know about your team and also want to know if the team is the trusted one. As the entrepreneur, you need to know every detail of your team to weave your team story. Know the strength and weaknesses of your team and also have an idea about their past experiences. Know the stories of the individuals and include them in your bigger picture.

Building up these stories is not too complicated, but what you need to be is passionate towards your business and has the goal to touch the top. What you need is to spend much time in weaving these stories and then present to the readers interestingly so they get attracted to your products or brands. Remember, there is nothing imaginary in business storytelling. So, you have to use the facts and figures interestingly in your story to make them more realistic.

The Best Corporate Storytelling Examples You Can Ever Follow

You may have ideas of different storytelling. But, when it comes upon you, you may get a bit scattered at the beginning. It is true that creating captivating contents for the first time is really difficult. That’s why, you can consult a professional storytelling company who can shape up your dreams and spread it through compelling stories among the people, related to your business.

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Here are certain examples of the power of storytelling in business that will help you to understand how corporate storytelling can help you to establish yourself successfully.

  1. Weight Watchers

You must have heard about Weight Watchers who deal with products for the betterment of people’s health and also stay well. The storytelling of Weight watchers always targets the emotional aspect of their target audience as they deal with the emotional health of people. The ‘Awaken Your Incredible’ campaign is different from any other business campaign. This is beyond any ad campaign about weight loss, rather it talks about the reason for dieting which people really want to know. This is the place where their corporate storytelling has done marvel.

  1. Apple

While it comes about successful business storytelling, Apple is the best example to follow. If you have seen their ‘Your Verse’ ad, you will get the perfect idea of effective storytelling. It is the question, ‘What Will Your Verse Be’, asked by Robin Williams which will force you to think about the high-tech products and also make you wonder how you will contribute your verse in front of the world. It is true that they have asked it while launching their iPad, but this question will make you think about your life and your contribution to it.

  1. Guinness

Have you seen the ‘Wheelchair basketball’ ad of Guinness? The ad shows a group of men, playing basketballs on wheelchairs. When you feel compassionate about them and think of their disadvantages, you will see a man getting up the wheelchair. Then a voiceover will tell that the man chose to play like this so that he can play with his friends. Such a storyline will remind you that you have to make choices in your life which will lead you further. So, make sure which beer will you choose now.

  1. Google

The reunion ad of Google has won millions of hearts so far. It is the example of such corporate storytelling which erases all our prediction and knowledge about a certain company and hit directly to the gut of the consumers. The ad says that a man in India, remembering his childhood friend and talking about him to his granddaughter. His friend lives in Pakistan and they haven’t met after the separation. The granddaughter felt the emotion of her grandfather and used Google to track the childhood friend of her grandfather and arranges a reunion. Actually, the ad says it all. It is full of emotions and feelings that Google always care about.

  1. Nike

When it comes to leveraging storytelling, Nike has no competition in this field. Michael Jordon is the spokesperson of this brand and they are doing this thing successfully from the 90s. Though their ads are all extraordinary, ‘The Chance’ has won the hearts worldwide. This ad shows the story of an aspiring soccer player. It shows that we can make a great comeback in life till we have zeal and wear Nike. Narrated by Spike Lee and filmed amazingly, this ad was just awesome.

  1. Warby Parker

If you want an example of corporate storytelling where you get the trendy touch with fun elements, you should check out the stories of Warby Parker. Their ads showed how affordable and stylish eye-wear can go adorable with real-life customers, trying their wonderful collection. Not only they created a fantastic storyline, but they also distributed free glasses and other gifts to generate target consumers.

So, here you get to know about corporate storytelling and the best storytelling examples. These examples will help you to build your stories in a way that will captivate your target audience and also help to stretch your reach. Being an entrepreneur, you have to try always to establish yourself to fight hard in the competition. Knowing different types of marketing strategies will help you to establish as a strong business person in the future.