How To Write Ecommerce Product Descriptions That Can Boost Your Sales?

Well-written ecommerce product descriptions has a significant role to play when it comes to move your customers through the sales funnel. Most of the times a customer gets disinterested in buying a product as it doesn’t have a proper product description.

When it comes to ecommerce product descriptions writing, you need to make it creative and even include the benefits of the product in the description. By doing so you have more chances to convert the casual visitor.

It is true that majority of the customers shop based on the picture of the product but that doesn’t mean product descriptions are of no use. Product descriptions helps a customer to decide whether the product is the perfect fit for them or not. It also informs them about the important details of a product.

By educating your buyers on the benefits, uses, features and other important things about the product, you can actually boost your sales, reduce refund rates and gain trust of your customers. This is why writing the best product descriptions is very important.

Ecommerce Product Descriptions That Can Boost Your Sales


What is a product description?

To define it simply, a product description is the copy that describes or informs the customers about the benefits, features and other details of the product. The main purpose of writing ecommerce product descriptions is to provide enough information to convince them to buy the product.

The key points that you need to cover while writing a product description include:

  • What are the problems that your product can solve?
  • How is your product unique from the other brands?
  • What will the buyers gain from your product?

You need to make sure that your product description is brief and yet informative. Also, it should be answering all the above mentioned questions.

Guidelines to Write The Perfect Ecommerce Product Descriptions

You can either write the descriptions of your product on your own or can hire product descriptions writing services. If you don’t have the expertise to write ecommerce product descriptions then it’s better to hire a professional service as they are more experienced than you.

One of the main advantages of hiring a professional service is that you can also get SEO product descriptions as well. SEO optimised product descriptions are hard to write and chances are you won’t be able to do it on your own.

  1. Know your target audience

The very first step to write a good product description is to first determine who your target audiences are.

target audience

You should be able to define the features that would interest your potential buyers. You need to consider the characteristics and persona of your buyer to understand what arouses their interest levels. Once you know the features that are valuable to your customers, you can write your product descriptions based on that information.

Some of the main points you need to keep in mind while writing ecommerce product descriptions are:

  • How did your buyer land on this page?
  • What are his/her interests?
  • Why should they be interested to buy your product?
  • What features would attract them more?

By keeping these questions registered in your mind, you can write the best copy for your products. Remember, you should focus more on the functional features of the product and not on the decorative features.

  1. Explain the benefits in details

As a business owner you should be excited to share all the benefits of your products with your buyers. You should be excited to show that your product is the best on the market and are loaded with unique specs and features.

Most of the buyers don’t like to waste their time by reading the mundane features. they are more interested to learn about the benefits. this is why it is important for you to explain the benefits in details. this increases your chances of getting more sales.

The product description you write should be able to tell how it is going to make a change in the buyer’s life. If you take a closer look at all the product descriptions, you will find that majority of the brands is focusing on highlighting the benefits of the product.

Before you even sit to writ the description make a list of all the benefits offered by your product. Also, determine how it is harmful or beneficial to the buyers. By keeping all these points in mind you can construct the perfect product descriptions for your brand.

  1. Use natural language and tone

Another important thing to keep in mind is the language and tone you are using while buying a new product. When you read out your description, it should make sense to you.

The tone of the description should be friendly. For example, the way you and your friend have a conversation. It shouldn’t sound like automatic generated texts.

Try to bring out the natural tone in real conversations. This will help you to connect the customers with the brand. When improving the tone of your product make sure that you write it in simple English which is easy to understand.

  1. Insert power words that will sell

best product descriptions - power words that will sell

There are some words and phrases that easily evokes an emotional response in humans. When you use these words in the right way in your product description, you are able to increase sales.

By incorporating these words in the description you can better convince your customers to buy your product. When writing ecommerce product descriptions look for decorative words which you can use.

By using these words and phrases in a descriptive product copy you will be able to convince the customers that your goods are impressive, exciting and worth buying.

For example, instead of using words such as high-quality or good, you can use power words such as sensational or stunning.

  1. Optimise the description for search engines

When it comes to writing a good product description you also need to optimise it for the search engines. This is perhaps the easiest way to attract customers on your page. This is actually the very first step in convincing the customers to buy the products.

In order to optimise your product description, you need to take help of the right keywords. By keywords, we mean the search terms that are used by buyers to find the products they are looking for.

All you need to do is to do a bit of extra research after which you will get to know the right keywords. The keywords in the descriptions may differ a bit from the ones searched on Google.

Search for the right keywords before you sit to write. You can make use of a keyword searcher to get the right keywords for your business.

When using popular keywords make sure that you put them in the description correctly. For example, your main keyword should be inserted within the title of your product. This is because it carries the most weight with the search engines.

By adding keywords to your titles and product descriptions you can easily improve the rank of your page. Not only that but it will also make it easier for your customers to buy your product.

seo product description - Quality images and Optimised description

  1. Make use of quality images

No matter how good your product description is you will never be able to convince your buyers to buy it without an image. Along with your SEO optimised product description you also need to use quality images.

Around 65% of the customers are of the opinion that a product image is more important than its description. When a buyer visits your page, the first thing they will notice is the image of the product. If they like it then they will go through the description. Thus, it can be said that an important aspect of your product is the image of the product itself.

When using a product image make sure that it is a high quality one. A quality image will help your customers to understand the features of the products. Not only that but it also help the customers to imagine what it would be like to have the product in life.

By adding a product image with your ecommerce product descriptions you are surely going to boost your sales.

  1. Make it easy to scan

The attention span of a human is very less and therefore, your product description should be good enough to capture the attention of the buyers at once.

This can be done making your product copy super scanable. The buyer should be able to find the exact information without wasting much of their time.

Before finalising your descriptions make sure that they are easy to scan. A description should include bullet points, loss of white space, different font sizes and short paragraphs.

When you write an easy-to-read product description you are less likely to lose out on a potential customer.

So these are the important guidelines you need to follow in order to write the best If you are unable to handle it on your own then you can hire professional services as well.