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    Google Ads Management Service 1Google Ads offer a quick way to boost site traffic and gain brand recognition, through paid ads on search engine results pages. With Google PPC ads, your company features on the top three ads for related keywords.

    As the most dominant search engine, Google is responsible for a majority of web searches each day. It is immensely popular in India, which is why Google Ads present a unique option for businesses that want an instant boost to site traffic.

    With an effective campaign and ad-buying strategy, Google Ads allow your business to feature prominently on the most relevant search results pages. Google Ads also present an interesting option for testing main keywords, long-tail keywords and search phrases for SEO strategy.


    Drive Up Site Traffic

    At Arc Digitech, we take charge of your Google Ads campaign to produce the best results. We improve return on investment, while taking all the burden off your shoulders.

    Our highly focused keyword research ensures we choose the most relevant words and phrases, while our tracking pinpoints the best and worst performing ads.


    Arc Digitech Google Ads Management Service

    Arc Digitech can start, overhaul or tweak a Google Ads campaign for your company. We provide a full slate Google Ads service, taking care of everything from keyword selection to ad bidding to campaign management.

    Our professional Google Ads Management service includes:

    • Keyword selection
    • Ad text creation and formatting
    • Landing page optimization
    • Conversion assessment
    • Ad submission
    • PPC cost management
    • Competitive research

    We select the most relevant keywords for your business, research long tail keywords, and decide on the appropriate bid amounts. Our team writes up interesting ad text, while our website designers tweak your landing pages.

    Clients remain in the loop during every part of the Google Ads Management service. We inform you when an ad campaign begins, and our team provides monthly updates on progress.

    Our tracking assesses conversions for various keywords and long-tail keywords, along with cost comparisons. Continuous tracking allows us to remove poorly performing keywords and add new ones in their place.

    Organic SEO and link building can help get your site to the first page of Google search results, but Google Ads also have a place in the process, providing a quick boost as other strategies play out.

    Make the most of your marketing budget with a Google Ads campaign custom-tailored to your business by Arc Digitech.