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    ppc management service

    As a business owner, you may have heard aboutĀ  PPC management services and its many benefits. With an effective campaign, pay per click marketing can be very useful for attracting site visitors, boosting revenue and improving your digital presence.

    Arc Digitech can help you accomplish those goals with our expert pay per click management service.


    (Pay Per Click) PPC Management Services Explained


    Pay per click, or PPC, refers to an internet marketing model where a fee is paid each time an ad is clicked. Think of pay per click marketing as a way to purchase site visitors, compared to organic methods of boosting site traffic.

    PPC marketing can be done through any ads across the internet. But it is most popular with search engine advertising. When you visit Google and perform a search, you may see two or three sponsored links at the very top of the page. Those are PPC ads.

    Each time someone clicks on those ads, you pay the search engine a modest fee. Some businesses balk at the idea of paying for such ads, but it is a strategic decision. If your PPC campaign is properly managed, an ad that costs a few rupees per click may generate hundreds to thousands of rupees in revenue.

    There is an entire process associated with pay per click ads. It is not as simple as picking an ad and making a bid. It starts by researching keywords, selecting the most relevant ones, creating ad groups, setting up landing pages for various PPC ads, and bidding on ads.

    While a major company may have the in house digital marketing team to handle a PPC campaign, most businesses are not in that position. That is why Arc Digitech provides the best PPC management services in Pune and other parts of India. Our PPC experts will ensure that your campaign is run smoothly.


    Understanding Google Ads


    The most popular advertising system for PPC marketing is Google Ads. It is the ad platform that allows a business to purchase ads on various Google search results pages.

    Google uses the PPC model for its ads. Companies will bid on the keywords that are most relevant to their business. The value of each PPC keyword is different, depending on the traffic generated and other factors.

    Say you put in a bid for a specific keyword. When that keyword is entered for a search, Google will take its pool of advertisers and pick a few winners for that ad space on the top of the page.

    These winners are chosen based on various criteria, including the size of their bid, quality of the ad campaign and keyword relevance. The goal of a PPC campaign is to win bids for the most relevant and high performing keywords related to your business.


    Researching PPC Keywords


    Keyword research is the most significant and time-consuming aspect of PPC management. At Arc Digitech, we have a team of SEO and PPC experts who will work together to select the high performing keywords relevant to your business.

    Our research will pick the most relevant, exhaustive and expansive set of keywords for a PPC marketing campaign.

    The keywords must relate to the products and services offered by your business, while it is also helpful when they have local relevance.

    Our research points out the most popular keywords and phrases related to your industry. We also focus on the long tail of that search. Long tail keywords contain two or more words, in addition to the main keyword. A significant benefit of long tail keywords is their lower price, as many companies may not bid on them.

    We always strive to expand on the current list of keywords and long tail keywords. A PPC marketing campaign should not be limiting and narrow; it should be expansive and always evolving.

    As trends change or you add new elements to your business, the keywords that make up your PPC marketing campaign also change. By employing Arc Digitech for monthly PPC management services, your strategy is always up to date.


    Managing a PPC Campaign

    PPC ad campaign

    While the hardest part is creating a PPC marketing campaign from scratch, maintenance is equally important. We provide the best PPC management services in India because we never drop the ball with your campaign. Our team makes the following adjustments as needed:


    Adding Keywords


    We continuously research relevant keywords and their long tail, adding to the list of PPC keywords that make up your campaign. Some of these keywords are discovered through new products, services, and trends, while competitor research may also reveal new options.


    Adding Negative Keywords


    There may be related keywords and phrases that do not convert to leads, called negative keywords. Adding negative keywords into the campaign can help by improving its relevancy and reducing the amount of money you waste on non-performing words.


    Split Ad Groups


    Instead of having a single ad text and landing page for all your keywords, we continuously split your campaign into different groups. It allows for more focused keywords, ad text, and custom landing pages. Dividing ad groups will improve your click-through rate, boosting the return on investment for each bid.


    Assessing Expensive Keywords


    Specific keywords will be expensive; there is no getting around it. Other keywords may have a high cost, but do not produce sufficient results. Our monthly analysis identifies these keywords and removes them from the campaign. We may add them back into the campaign later, as they could produce the intended results a few months down the road.


    Refining Your Landing Pages


    Your ad text and landing pages should not remain the same for many months. Consistent updates help to keep your campaign fresh, especially if you want to prioritize different pages on your site for these ad campaigns.

    Allow Arc Digitech to help you spend your digital advertising budget in the most effective way. With the help of the best PPC management service in Pune, you can ensure that your pay per click ad campaign is successful.