How Guest Posting helps boost SEO

The internet is an extremely busy place these days with millions of content being shared everyday throughout the world. Thousands of start-ups and small businesses are using this giant platform to buy or sell products of one kind or the other and reach out to the potential customers.

Among all that chaos and competition it is extremely difficult, and thus equally important, to make your product stand out from the rest. And that is where guest posting sites come into the picture. Well researched and well-conveyed content, supported by healthy and effective SEO techniques, can climb up the search engine rankings and reach to a far wider reader base. Even the best bloggers in the business unanimously agree that guest posting service is the best way to boost SEO of web content.



What is Guest Posting?

First let us define what the term Guest Posting signifies. It basically denotes the creation, curating and eventual publication of your contents on someone else’s webpage or blogs. If done properly, guest blogging can be a sustainable long-term strategy to continuously boost your search visibility to growing number of users over time. Focus on the phrase “long-term strategy”, because people often confuse it to be a fast-rewarding tool. It is not a shortcut or easy route to become a famous blogger and climb up to the no.1 spot of search engine results.

What is Guest Posting

How does it help?

There are many direct and indirect ways through which the guest posting service allow you to get your (or your product’s) name out to a larger grouper of internet users. Here are the 3 most important beneficial aspects:


Natural backlinks are one of the primary factors based on which search engines like Google judge and evaluate the ranking of a webpage in their search results pages. By contributing to a highly reputed website you can leave a link to your own blog or page on their platform. This allows the readers or customers of that website to trace you back to your own homepage. This is basically how backlinking works.

The way Google’s algorithms are designed right now; one link from a reliable and established webpage can be equivalent to 10 or more links from lower-quality websites. But what needs to be kept in mind is that the link, along with the anchor text of the guest post, needs to support the context of the domain that you are using. You cannot write a guest blog about modern literature on a website of a juice brand!

But at the end of the day, it should be remembered, that guest posts are more than mere link-building cash cows. Although you might feel tempted by the prospect of it, but overdoing the link building exercise can result into a significant dilution and Google can devalue your own website. It’s always better to create crisp, informative and selectively optimized content for the right people.


Exposure and Authority

The other key aspect of guest posting sites is the overall exposure that can be gained through it. If you post in a site which has a significant user count, then it is a great way for you to establish yourself. It lets your presence known as a content creator to not only the users but also to the people working behind that website. You can gain two very important attributes out of it that any creative professional would require. They are Brand exposure and Networking.

Powerful publication sites have a lot of might in the virtual world of content writing and rubbing shoulders with them with your guest articles can add lot of credibility to your own page. If you regularly publish content in famous publications, the users will perceive you as an expert of your field, which affects the authority of your company, too.

How to find sites looking for Guest posts?

There are two main ways to look for a prospective platform that will let you post as a guest. You either

  • Search the web to look for such opportunities, or
  • Look for brands or individuals who actively seek guest posts

The first method is pretty much of a trial and error run in the sense that you type broad keywords like “Top Blogs” etc. in search engines and hope to find a few promising sites out of it. An alternative to that would be to use very specific strings related to the topic that you want to write on. A few examples are:

  1. intitle:”guest posting” “contributor”
  2. inurl:” write for us ” “guest publisher”

Another popular way of looking out for guest posting sites is to follow people who consistently post guest articles in well known websites, ideally on social media platforms. The bloggers or the companies mostly share these posts on Twitter or Instagram and following them will help you be aware of current trends and your next possible break!

How to be a good guest

Since guest posts are a long-term plan for sustainable growth of your page or product, it is important to keep good relationships with the people and brands who let you write on their platforms. You need to stick around and be an active part of the network of creators. So here are a few things you should keep in mind while posting on someone else’s blog or site:

  • Include link of the post in your blog
  • Promote the post on Twitter (multiple times)
  • Share the post on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  • Thank the person, both personally and in your writings on the virtual platform
  • Be responsive in the comments section below the post. Do not post an article and then ghost away. The readers will not accept your credibility if you run away.

If you want to land more traditional writing jobs in magazines or news sites, then guest posting services provide you the stepping stone by getting you featured in these platforms. It is an excellent strategy to enhance your reach and cement your credentials. So if you are a blogger or a content writer who is not having much of traffic in your website but desperately want to turn the scenario around; then you better start posting as guest.