Why Haven’t You Done a Press Release Distribution For Your Business? Check What You May Be Missing Out

It’s 2020, and press releases are still a staple among good marketing campaigns. No other tool in a marketer’s toolbox is able to improve the recognition, reputation, and image of a business or brand better at such an affordable cost. It doesn’t matter what industry your business inhabits, professional press release distribution can put your business in the spotlight, getting your name out there for everyone to see, and know, that your business provides a quality product/service and that you care and give back to your community. In this article, I’m going to go into more detail on what you are missing out on if you choose not to go the press release route.


Target Audience Communication

A great way to communicate with your target audience, press releases that are written with an authentic style can have a great impact on readers. Getting your information out there on mediums that your target audience inhabit will have lasting positive effects on your brand image and reputation. Press releases are a great investment, that press release will last forever, and whenever readers see your name it builds trust between your business and the reader, it’s saying “these guys are a real business, they aren’t scam artists, and they care”. Nobody trusts, nor wants to buy from a “no-name” business, building trust and a sense of authority are absolutely essential to business growth.

Improves SEO

Improve SEO with press release

SEO, it’s not just limited to keywords, content, links, meta-tags, citations, etc. Press releases can absolutely have a direct benefit on your rankings in the SERPs, but it is somewhat rare, as press releases have more of an indirect impact. If the press release is compelling, sensational, and headline worthy, it can be picked up by other media outlets which can lead to your business gaining another link, more visibility/brand recognition, and even traffic. Press releases should not be taken lightly, the content of a press release should be top-notch, with engaging content and having been proofread over and over to ensure that no mistakes were made.

Press Release Distribution Establishes Expertise

For service businesses, being established as an expert in the field is critical to nailing contracts with big name companies. Top players want the best of the best, they have the money and resources to be able to afford the very best to solve their problems and the first thing they will do are searches for businesses that have proven over the years that they’re masterful at what they do. Press releases can establish your business as an expert in your field and underline unique attributes that your business possess that others don’t. This will really separate you from the pack and lead to long term business growth.

 Be In Control of Your Story

Why Haven't You Done a Press Release Distribution For Your Business

The first press release was created to cover up a fatal train wreck that occurred in the early 1900’s. The press release was more newsworthy than the real story, so media outlets published the story, thus saving the railroad’s reputation.

A press release gives you control over the narrative of your business, allowing you to share your intentions, pronounce what is important to you, and get across the unique value that your product or service contains. Let’s your business have a voice and respond to criticism about your business. Reputation management via the use of press release distributions is common, and it doesn’t seem like that will change anytime soon.


When it comes to advertising as well as public relations, sustainability is crucial. Sustainability is carrying out these activities on a consistent basis, so your business does not fade out of the public’s mind and become obscure. Press releases give the most bang for your buck, as they are affordable and come with a myriad of great benefits. With press releases, the public will always be in the know about what your business is up to, and how your business is still alive and kicking. Your business doesn’t have to be some massive corporate conglomerate to afford press releases on a consistent basis, for many small business owners, monthly press releases are well within their budget.

To conclude, press release distributions are very beneficial to your business, come at a low cost, and are the backbone of good marketing campaigns.